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Speciality Baked Goods


SEEDS & GRAINS 10.000 kg
Salt 0.220 kg
Water, approx. 8.400 l
Total weight 19.420 kg


Mixing time: 3 – 4 minutes, spiral mixer
Dough temperature: 25 – 26° C
Bulk fermentation time: none
Scaling weight: 0.850 kg
Intermediate proof: none
Instructions for use: After mixing, fill the dough directly into the tin and allow to swell in the fermentation chamber for 120 minutes. Subsequently, bake giving steam. After baking, turn the speciality baked goods out of the tins and allow to cool. Cut after 20 – 24 hours using a guillotine cutter or a round-knife cutter.
Final proof: 120 minutes
Baking temperature: 180° C, giving steam
Baking time: approx. 90 minutes (core temperature: 98° C)
Pasteurization of pre-packed sliced bread: Cut the well-cooled bread, wrap in units of 0.400 kg each in pasteurization bags and close using sealing clips. With only a little distance between, spread the bags evenly on a perforated tray laid out with baking paper and pasteurize for approx. 75 minutes at approx. 120° C. Here the core temperature of 78° C has to be maintained for 10 minutes.