Demands on raw materials

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In the case of cold dough methods, the demands on the raw materials are greater than for short-processed doughs. To achieve good qualities of baked goods, the choice of raw materials should be of particular importance.

Wheat flour

Depending on the type of baked goods, dough method and storage time, various demands on the quality of the wheat flour result. For a high processing reliability, attention has generally to be paid to a good quality of the gluten and a high wet gluten content of above 28 %. A low enzyme activity of the flour, with falling numbers of more than 320 seconds, is recommended. For long storage times and fermented frozen dough pieces, the demands are especially high.

Table 6.4: Flour qualities for various baked goods


Special improvers are used for the corresponding dough methods. The individual ingredients are adjusted to suit one another from a technological viewpoint and, in this way, guarantee a high processing reliability and an optimum baked goods quality.

Table 6.5: Selection of improvers for cold dough methods


In comparison to liquid yeast, compressed yeast is more stable and more resistant during the freezing and storage phase.


The use of 1 – 1.5 % fat makes the doughs more plastic and also reduces a too strong drying out during the storage phase.