Tasks, effect and advantages of improvers

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Tasks of improvers

The challenges and consumer expectations of baked goods have risen significantly over the past years. The background is the change of consumption habits, an increasing number of one-person households (out-of-home market), the desire for constant availability and long freshkeeping with a high level of enjoyment of baked goods. The qualitatively high-class baked goods which are on offer every day are not a matter of course. This is possible due to the experience and creativity of the bakers and the considerable advance in baking technology which has been achieved over the past decades. The present-day variety of bread and baked goods is also thanks to the improvers and mixes.

The generally common use of improvers and mixes in the production of all kinds of baked goods is part of the technological efforts to manufacture baked goods from milled grain products with a high enjoyment and consumption value. In addition to the use of modern machines for dough production, dough processing and baking, the use of improvers represents a specific measure to enhance the production process and the quality of the baked goods.

Effect and advantages of improvers

From originally quite simple improvers, such as malt flours to enhance the enzyme activity, pregelatinized flours to regulate the water absorption and dough acidifying agents to inhibit the starch decomposing amylase in rye doughs, more complexly composed, modern improvers were developed which, regarding their effect, are orientated towards the relevant demands during the production of baked goods.

By means of a targeted use of improvers, concrete advantages can be achieved in regard to the dough, batter and baked goods properties:

Advantages during production:

  • regulation of the swelling properties and dough viscosity
  • optimization of the machinability and installation suitability
  • activation of the yeast fermentation
  • enhancement of the fermentation stability
  • control of the enzyme activity

Enhancement of quality in baked goods:

  • intensification and rounding-off of smell and taste
  • realization of an attractive baked goods appearance
  • optimization of the crumb texture
  • extension of the crispness
  • enhancement of the freshkeeping
  • extension of the keeping quality