Retarded fermentation

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The processes of retarded fermentation are very flexible in regard to the time of storage. Due to the influence of the parameters of temperature and yeast quantity, storage times of up to 48 hours are possible. Dough pieces for morning goods, confectionery baked goods and bread can be processed using retarded fermentation.

The company recipes form the starting point and are adjusted according to requirements. As a result of challenging processing, higher demands are made of the dough pieces. The ingredients contained in special improvers support the dough pieces during cold dough processing and make it possible to have baked goods of a high quality. The dough temperatures should be from 22 – 25° C depending on the type of baked goods.

Before the storage phase, the dough pieces are cooled quickly. This can take place at -12° C in the fully automatic fermenter or at -18° C in the freezing installations, for example. It is important that the dough pieces do not freeze, but that the core cools to 2 – 5° C. After the storage phase, the dough pieces are gently acclimatized and allowed to prove. A too fast increase in temperature is to be avoided because of the unwanted formation of condensate.