Fermentation process

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Tin bread and brioche:

High fermentation temperatures are not recommended for the production of tin bread. A slow fermentation should enable a regular crumb texture to be achieved here. Fermentation chamber temperatures which lie 3 – 5° C above the dough temperatures are recommended. Moreover, the air humidity should not be too high and should lie at 75 – 80 %. Baked goods faults can otherwise appear very easily, such as, for example, a very coarse-textured crumb in the upper section of the bread or also a blistered upper surface. Should high amounts of fats with a low melting point, such as butter, be used, then even lower fermentation chamber temperatures should be set. Also here, the fermentation times for tin bread should lie at 50 – 60 minutes. Brioche baked goods have longer final proof times of up to three hours with lower fermentation temperatures.


For the production of hamburger buns, very warm and very humid fermentation chambers are common. Here, fermentation chamber temperatures of 35 – 40° C and air humidities of 85 – 90 % are used, for example. The dough pieces are given a very moist upper surface and are quickly brought to the necessary fermentation maturity. The fermentation time of the dough pieces in the typical special baking trays is 50 – 60 minutes.