Part-baked bread

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The diversity of types of bread requested by the consumer today can be fulfilled more easily by the production of part-baked bread. The bread is part-baked in advance of storage to 60 to 90 %. Baking is completed at the point of sale to achieve the optimum crumb and crust properties. This procedure is called the interrupted baking method.

Dough processing parameters

In the case of part-baked bread, attention has to be paid to a high dough yield, good swelling and a long final proof. The use of stabilizing improvers with a high water absorption is recommended. The baking time of the first baking phase is to be chosen in such a way that a core temperature of at least 96° C is achieved. For this, approx. 25 minutes are sufficient for 0.750 kg loaves. Initial baking is done at temperatures usual in the company which, depending on the type of baked goods, are dropped by 30 – 40° C. The storage conditions are based on the required storage time. See also: Chapter 13 Baking process (13.4.2 Interrupted baking method)