Examples for various wheat sponges

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Wheat sponges are processed in many countries for typical baked goods. Some are presented in the following.

Table 9.3: Example for zero dough

Table 9.4: Example for Hebel, Dampfl

Table 9.5: Example for sponge dough

Table 9.6: Example for apara

Table 9.7: Example for biga

Table 9.8: Example for poolish

Table 9.9: Example for liquid sponge or brew

Depending on the quantity of addition and dough method, the influence of wheat sponges on the aroma and taste of wheat baked goods is limited. For the production of baked goods with optimum crumb properties and an expressive smell and taste with a strong character, dried sourdoughs and/or aromatic malt products are added to the application recipe over and above. The malt products are, in part, already added to the wheat sponge.