Baking process

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Soft baked goods should be baked in as short a time as possible to not dry out the baked goods and to achieve long freshkeeping.

It has to be considered here that a core temperature of at least 95° C has to be reached to avoid key-holing and wrinkling.

Table 12.2: : Examples of baking parameters for various soft baked goods in the tunnel oven

The baking parameters have to be adjusted to suit the corresponding type of oven.

Toast bread and sandwich bread are baked giving steam due to the better heat transfer at the beginning of the baking process. For hamburger buns, an addition of steam is not required as fermentation takes place with a high fermentation temperature and air humidity and sufficient condensate forms during the baking process. If the dough pieces are sprayed with glaze before the baking process, then an addition of steam is also dispensed with.