Baking process for pre-baked goods

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For the manufacture of pre-baked products, the rack oven has proven itself for the first baking phase. By the exact control of the baking temperature, quantity of steam, convection speed and release of steam during the individual baking phases, the crust crack of the baked goods, the colour of the baked goods and the stabilization can be adjusted to suit the baked goods in an optimum way.

In the sector of plant bakeries, paternoster ovens are frequently used for pre-baked morning goods and baguettes. Here, on a comparatively small area, a high number of products can be baked in a uniform quality. The individual baking stages can be controlled in the temperature zones in such an exact way as is the case with the rack oven. The baking temperatures are, due to the high convection speeds and the higher temperature stability of the oven, approx. 30° C lower than in the rack oven.

Moreover, pre-baked goods of an excellent quality can also be baked in tunnel ovens. Here too, the baked goods pass through exactly controllable baking stages with the desired temperatures, quantities of steam and air speeds.

Table 7.3: Examples of the first baking phase in the rack oven