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Pre-baked Speciality Rolls

Ingredients Soaked grain

Water (approx. 30° C) 4.000 l
Total weight 9.000 kg

Swelling time:  1 – 2 hours

Ingredients Dough

Soaked grain 9.000 kg
Wheat flour type 550 5.000 kg
Yeast 0.300 kg
Water, approx. 1.800 l
Total weight 16.100 kg


Mixing time: 2 + 6 minutes, spiral mixer
Dough temperature: 26 – 28° C
Bulk fermentation time: approx. 15 minutes
Scaling weight: 2.200 kg/30 pieces
Intermediate proof: approx. 15 minutes
Instructions for use: After the intermediate proof, only divide the balls. Wash the upper surface of the dough pieces with water and press into the topping. Then dampen the bottom side with water and press into sunflower seeds. Subsequently, place the dough pieces on trays and allow to prove.
Topping: mixture of sesame and poppy (2:1)
Final proof: controlled proof (for up to two hours at approx. 20° C)