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Butter Stollen

Ingredients Fruit mixture

Sultanas 8.000 kg
Almonds, chopped, roasted 2.000 kg
Candied orange peel 2.000 kg
Candied lemon peel 2.000 kg
Rum 0.800 l
Total weight 14.800 kg

Instructions for use: Mix the ingredients of the fruit mixture and allow to soak overnight.

Ingredients Sponge

Wheat flour type 550 5.000 kg
Yeast 0.800 kg
Whole milk (warm) 3.500 l
Total weight 9.300 kg


Mixing time: 2 + 5 minutes
Standing time: approx. 30 minutes

Ingredients Dough

Sponge 9.300 kg
Wheat flour type 550 5.000 kg
Butter 4.200 kg
Raw marzipan 1.000 kg
Sugar 0.500 kg
Spice as required
Fruit mixture* 14.800 kg
Total weight 36.800 kg

* Gradually add carefully towards the end of the mixing time.


Mixing time: 2 + 12 minutes, spiral mixer
Dough temperature: approx. 28° C
Bulk fermentation time: approx. 30 minutes
Scaling weight: 1.000 kg
Intermediate proof: none
Instructions for use: After the bulk fermentation time, scale the dough, mould round and shape long. Roll flat in the centre using a wooden rolling pin so that an edge is formed at the top and at the bottom. Subsequently, place the top edge on the bottom edge and press lightly using the wooden rolling pin so that the typical stollen shape is formed. Bake after a short final proof. After baking, butter the stollen, sugar and sift with icing sugar when cooled.
Final proof: approx. 15 minutes
Baking temperature: 190° C
Baking time: 50 – 60 minutes