Bulk fermentation time

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In the majority of cases, a defined bulk fermentation time follows the mixing of a dough so that the dough can recover from the mechanical input of energy of mixing. Depending on the composition of the dough and the type of dough, a bulk fermentation time of a few minutes to several hours can be required to achieve optimum final baked goods.

Basically, the bulk fermentation time provides better processing-friendly doughs and development of taste and aroma substances. In addition, fine gas pores are created by the formation of carbon dioxide of the yeast which are reduced in size during the next processing stages as a result of
mechanical energy input and spread finely. These represent the basis of the dough framework.

In table 5.18, the corresponding processes with the relevant functions are described in more detail.

Table 5.18: Processes and functions in the dough during the bulk fermentation time