Improvers and mixes

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To increase the quality of yeast-raised confectionery baked goods, mixes and improvers are used. The components have been adjusted to suit the special requirements of confectionery yeast doughs, whereby the dough properties, the fermentation tolerance, together with the volume of the baked goods, and the softkeeping can be enhanced considerably.

The use of improvers is particularly necessary with cold dough methods, for very high quantities of fat and sugar, as well as for especially long softkeeping. In this case, the functional raw materials with a technological effect, such as emulsifiers and enzymes, are of great importance.

Due to the emulsifiers, an especially fine and soft crumb and a long softkeeping are obtained. The enzymes improve the dextrinization of the starch and therefore contribute to an increased crumb moistness. The composition of the improvers and mixes is adjusted to suit the specific requirements of the baked goods which are to be made, see also Chapter Improvers and mixes.