Completion of baking of pre-baked goods

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To finish baking in the branch bakeries, the pre-baked products should already have room temperature or be thawed. For this, these are only placed on the baking trays shortly before the second baking phase. A drying out of the baked goods due to longer standing times should be avoided. The baking time is set according to the size of the baked goods and the desired level of colouring. It is recommended that the baked goods reach a core temperature of more than 90° C to largely reverse the recrystallization of the starch and thus achieve optimum crumb properties. As, due to the numerous distribution channels, different oven technology is used for the completion of baking, the packaging should bear concrete information on the baking of the respective product.

A training course on the correct handling of the pre-baked goods for the sales staff helps avoid baking faults.

Table 7.4: Examples of finishing baking of pre-baked morning goods