Raw materials

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Wheat flour

A uniform wheat flour quality with corresponding flour characteristics provides the basis for optimum baked goods.

Table 7.2: Recommendation of analysis values for pre-baked wheat morning goods and baguettes


By the use of special improvers, such as HABACK, for example, a high water binding and a stabilization of the dough piece is achieved via the combination of active ingredients with hydrocolloids and emulsifiers. Here, the dough yield can be increased by 2 – 3 %. In this way, the baked goods still have a moist crumb even after the second baking phase.

For speciality morning goods and speciality bread, the use of an improver containing gluten, such as STABILASE, is recommended. By the use of other grain products and seeds, the reduced gluten content is balanced and the stronger burden of the gluten network in regard to fermentation stability, crust crack reliability and baked goods volume is lowered.


For Kaiser rolls and crust-cracked rolls, as well as for speciality morning goods, the use of 1.5 – 3 % margarine or vegetable oil for the dough is common. In this way, the baked goods crust becomes more tender, finer and crispier, the baked goods crumb finer and more cotton wool-like.