Dough fermentation

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For optimum baked goods qualities, fermentation at cool temperatures of 26 – 30° C and a relative air humidity of 75 – 80 % are recommended. In the case of butter croissants and butter Danish pastry baked goods, the fermentation temperature should have a maximum of 28° C to prevent a melting out of the butter. Especially in the case of fermented frozen dough pieces, low fermentation temperatures are recommended. More stable dough pieces are obtained which are more suitable for freezing. In the case of retarded fermentation and interrupted fermentation, the final fermentation temperature should be set to a maximum of 28° C. In this way, the dough pieces are less sensitive and provide more regular baking results. With high percentages of laminated fat, the dough pieces are fermented to around 50 % volume. In normal recipes, fermentation takes place up to a maximum of 75 % volume. A regular layering and sharp baked goods contours are thus achieved. Too high fermentation temperatures and a too long fermentation lead to faults in baked goods.