Interrupted fermentation of fermented dough pieces

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A further possibility of dough processing is the freezing and storage of fermented dough pieces. Precisely this process is suitable for folded dough pieces (e.g. croissants and Danish pastry baked goods). After processing, a long and cool fermentation time takes place.
Subsequently, the fermented dough pieces are blast frozen for 30 – 40 minutes at -35° C and wrapped in suitable packaging material (plastic foil plus carton packaging). Then further storage takes place at -20° C. In the case of optimum storage conditions, a shelf life of several months with good baking results can be guaranteed. In comparison to dough pieces which have been processed without freezing, the volume of the baked goods can be up to 10 % lower.

Freezing fermented frozen dough pieces for morning goods or bread is basically possible, but makes it imperative to observe all the processing parameters and an unbroken cooling chain exactly, however. Moreover, a very high quality of wheat flour and an improver adjusted to suit this process have to be used. All in all, the process is used less often for wheat morning goods or wheat bread and mixed wheat bread.

Fermented frozen dough pieces can be baked immediately at the point of sale using programmable convection ovens (see chapter Laminated confectionery yeast doughs).