Lamination with fats

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In the case of laminated doughs, the folded-in fats have the task of separating the dough layers, of forming a uniform lamellar structure and of making aeration possible due to the steam appearing during baking.
In the first stage of production, a confectionery yeast dough is prepared as a basic dough. These confectionery yeast doughs are mostly made calculated with 5 – 10 % butter or margarine based on flour. A defined amount of cooled dough is frequently added from cut-off outside edges of dough.
Depending on the further processing, the basic doughs are only mixed briefly (processing via craft dough sheeters) or mixed fully (processing via dough sheeting installations). Dough temperatures of 16 – 20° C are aimed for and the doughs processed cool.
It is important to allow sufficient time for relaxation between the lamination steps to avoid drawing together during processing. The consistency of the basic dough and the fat should be almost the same here.