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Wheat Bread with Biga

Sponge/Biga (dough yield 143)

Wheat flour type 550 5.000 kg
Yeast 0.025 kg
Water (cold) 2.150 l
Total weight 7.175 kg


Mixing time: 4 minutes slow
Standing time: 3 hours at room temperature, approx. 15 hours in the cooling chamber

Ingredients Dough

Sponge/Biga 7.175 kg
Wheat flour type 1050 2.500 kg
Wheat flour type 550 2.500 kg
CIAPLUS 0.300 kg
Salt 0.200 kg
Yeast 0.125 kg
Water 3.600 l
Water, approx. 2.000 l
Total weight 18.750 kg


Mixing time: 4 + 11 minutes, spiral mixer
Dough temperature: 26° C
Bulk fermentation time: approx. 50 minutes
Scaling weight: 0.900 kg
Intermediate proof: none
Instructions for use: Initially mix the dough with 3.600 l water until the sponge is homogeneously spread throughout the whole dough. Then add the remaining 2.000 l water and mix the dough thoroughly. After the bulk fermentation time, scale the dough, place together loosely and allow to prove in fermentation baskets with the seam upwards. Turn out onto setters immediately before loading, cut 4 times and bake giving steam.
Final proof: approx. 50 minutes
Baking temperature: 250° C, dropping, giving steam
Baking time: 55 minutes