Pre-baking method

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In the case of the pre-baking method, which is generally only used in plant bakeries, mostly bread dough pieces with a high percentage of rye and with a very high scaling weight are baked initially for the first 2 – 5 minutes at temperatures of 330 – 430° C. The further baking process then takes place in the tunnel oven with temperature curves common for mixed rye bread.

The aim is to quickly form a crust and to have a strong subsequent oven spring, in particular for bread doughs with high dough yields. In plant bakeries, dough strands of up to three metres in length are initially baked with the help of pre-baking ovens for the production of pre-packed sliced bread. Due to the very hot initial baking, the dough strands are given the required stability and shape, without the crumb becoming tight-textured.

The purpose in the case of this bread is less to achieve a strong crust than to stabilize the shape of the long-shaped bread and obtain a moist crumb.