Dough yield

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The dough yield, also called theoretical dough yield or net dough yield, expresses the water absorption capability of the flour or the flour mixture ratio. With practice-relevant dough firmness as a basis, the differences become clear. The figures given are based on a medium water content of the flours of 14 %, whereby the degree of extraction of the flours has to be taken into consideration. With a rising degree of extraction, the percentage of hull components increases and thus the dietary fibre content and the mineral content in the flour, whereby significantly higher water binding is achieved.

Table 5.1: Water absorption of different ratios of flour mixture

The dough yield is spoken of in the case of the pure ratio of flour and water. The water absorption capability of a flour can be determined exactly using the following calculation formula or an approximate value of the dough yield calculated.

Table 5.2: Composition of the dough yield