Texture Analyser

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Texture analysis is used in wide areas of instrumental food sensory analysis. The possibilities for measuring are extremely diverse and versatile. In the following, the rheological properties of baked goods, especially the crumb texture, are gone into.

During measuring, the crumb texture of predetermined slices of bread are compressed with the help of a defined measuring body. From this, various values can be determined and diverse conclusions drawn:

  • freshkeeping
  • elasticity
  • chewing capability
  • softness
  • stickiness

When carrying out the measurement, the test parameters can be selected differently. The test factors are force [g], distance [mm] and time [s]. By prescribing a defined force, the distance taken is determined. Should a distance be prescribed, then the necessary force to cover the distance can be determined. From these values, a force-displacement-time diagram can be made. These are shown in illustrations 15.13 and 15.14.