Effect on the baked goods properties

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When the boiling point of the water is reached during vacuum conditioning, a subsequent gelatinization of the starch takes place in the baked goods which can have a positive effect on the freshkeeping. The lower germ load of the baked goods in the vacuum conditioning cell can be seen as a huge advantage. In the case of conventional cooling in the room, a long cooling time in the ambient atmosphere is mainly unavoidable for baked goods with a high scaling weight and tray cakes, whereby the probability of contamination with mould spores increases.

In some cases, the product quality can also be enhanced with the help of vacuum conditioning. Possible effects are shown in table 14.1.

Table 14.1: Possible influence of vacuum conditioning on the product quality and product properties

Speciality rolls, pre-baked


Confectionery yeast dough plaits baked in a tin


Raisin stuten baked in a tin


Danish pastry with filling