Milk and dried milk products

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The use of milk takes place for reasons of quality. For the majority of consumers, milk baked goods are regarded as being of particularly high quality.

Baked goods using confectionery yeast doughs with milk generally stand out due to a pleasantly full aroma and flavour, a fine-textured crumb and a tender texture. The lactose (milk sugar) contained is not fermented by the yeast and is available for colouring the baked goods (Maillard reaction) together with the milk protein.
The minerals contained in the milk have a dough stabilizing effect. The fermentation of confectionery yeast doughs is slowed slightly by the addition of milk or dried milk products – the doughs remain younger and, at the same time, plastic and stable.

Table 10.4: Effects of various milk products and dried milk products on the dough and the baked goods

When using dried milk products, these can be mixed with water or with water and butter or concentrated butter into the relevant milk product. In illustration 10.5, the prescribed quantity ratios can be found.

Baking comparison: Influence of various milk products in confectionery yeast doughs with 5 % sugar, 10 % fat, 1.5 % salt and 6 % yeast