Paternoster oven

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The French company MECATHERM manufactures continuous ovens, where the product is taken upwards vertically in individual modules and then downwards once again. This principle is called the paternoster principle. The transfer of heat takes place here by means of the convection of hot air. Depending on the baking time, product and hourly performance, different numbers of modules can be used. Each module can be fitted with its own burner and steam device. In this way, different climatic zones can be created in the modules (MECATHERM S.A. 2020).

Paternoster ovens are mainly used for pre-baked baguettes, baguette rolls or ciabatta due to their special route of baking with different temperatures and climatic zones. As a result of the special baking climate, pre-baked goods can be made which have practically no crust colouring and which are, nonetheless, very shape-stable. The individual modules of the convection ovens make it possible to run with full or half capacity. Depending on the product, single modules can also be omitted during the baking process.

In addition to the Mecatherm company, the König company, located in Austria, also sells continuous ovens which work according to the paternoster system. Baking trays or baking plates with a stone surface can be used.