Dough technology

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Dough technology

Dough technology describes the process chain from dough preparation to the baking process and represents a very important influencing factor for the success of high-quality baked goods. Here, the processing parameters (dough method, dough yield, mixing time, dough temperature, bulk fermentation time, etc.) are adjusted to one another and have a corresponding influence on the finished baked goods. In the following chapter, the different processing parameters and their effects are described in greater detail.

In the case of the dough method, a direct, indirect or combined method is spoken of in general. A special form of dough processing is autolysis. The individual methods are described briefly in the following.

Direct method

All the ingredients are processed into a dough in one production step.

Indirect method

A precursor is made from some of the ingredients before the actual dough preparation (sponge and/or sourdough), which is processed along with the remaining ingredients after a defined standing time.

Combined method

Over and above the use of sourdough, a part of the amount of acid required is replaced by dried sourdoughs or dough acidifying agents during the production of bread doughs to balance out the natural fluctuations of a sourdough method.


The autolysis method represents a special form of dough method. Traditionally, flour and water are mixed with one another. A bulk fermentation time of 20 – 60 minutes subsequently takes place in the mixing bowl. The aim is to swell the flour components, to increase the enzyme activity and to support the network of the gluten to then enable a shorter mixing time. All the other ingredients are added subsequently and mixed once again. Alternatively, salt and/or yeast can already be added at the start.

Doughs and baked goods, which are made using the autolysis process, can show the following properties:

  • more relaxed dough properties
  • better machinability
  • larger volume of baked goods
  • more appealing shape of the baked goods
  • enhanced crumb properties